Started in 2021, Home of Canadian Traditional Chinese Medicine Society (HCTCMS,, teamed up with the Canadian Community Service Association (CCSA, as the co-host, organize yearly to host one of the most extensive Traditional Chinese Medicine online conferences, named World TCM & Acupuncture Week (WTCMAW) from British Columbia, Canada. This 7-day conference events include opening ceremony, MD/TCM expert talks, BC MD/TCM collaboration round table discussion, and the closing ceremony. The guest speakers include the renowned national TCM masters and its expert teams from China, the US and Canadian TCM experts, the European TCM experts, and other medical experts from different parts of the world. World TCM & Acupuncture Week is one of the kind within the TCM communities.

Started in March 2022, the medical physicians and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners teamed up to present health talk series online to promote community medical services in British Columbia. This health talk series is organized by the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training of British Columbia, the Honorable Anne Kang (2020-2022). Through joint efforts from MD physicians and TCM practitioners, together working with the communities, the goal of this health talk series is to explore a new model of community medical service that will benefit to the health and wellbeing of British Columbians.