The Organization

“Obligation, Accountability, and Dedication” has always been the fundamental principles of Home of Canadian TCM Society (HCTCMS), a government-registered non-profit organization established by a group of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners and acupunctures in British Columbia (BC), Canada. 

Founded by Rong-Gang Li (李荣刚) whom not only was a professor of the post-secondary TCM institution, but was also the founder of Health Butler Service, the chairman of the National Coalition of TCM of Canada, and the chairman of the World TCM & Acupuncture Week organizing committee. His invention of UTCMH Acupuncture System advanced the acupuncture theory in the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

HCTCMS has grown with more than 680 members as of December 2019 since its inception a little more than a couple years ago. Led by Professor Li, the organization proactively participated in local community events and advocated for the BC's Traditional Chinese Medicine profession. In each July’s Chinese Traditional Culture Festival and the  Vancouver Water Splash Festival", and in each September’s International Senior Festival, HCTCMS hosted free TCM consultation clinics to provide top-notch consultations to more than 500 event visitors. Furthermore, the organization collaborated with the trade unions and associations to offer free medical consultations and acupuncture sessions to the employees. 

In addition to giving back to the local communities, HCTCMS also hosted two or more international academic conferences themed at Traditional Chinese Medicine and health cultivation in Vancouver. In 2017, total four international TCM conferences and forums had been successfully organized. The devotion to the community efforts does not stop here, the organization coordinated the Spring Festival Gala in Richmond for two consecutive years including the first ever promotion of TCM in the oversea evening gala events. In 2018, HCTCMS organized up to seven free medical service visits to the TransLink employees of the British Columbia Transportation Authority. To date, estimated over 10,000 BC residents collectively have been benefits from the volunteering efforts put forth by the organization. 

In 2019 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit every corner of the world, HCTCMS, together with CCSA, organized online presentations from Western Medicine physicians and TCM experts to discuss the Long COVID symptoms, the researches from the TCM academics, and possible treatment options for British Columbians.

In 2021, the organization started World TCM & Acupuncture Week, the first ever week long event that featured online TCM expert presentations from around the world and combined with hosting of the free consultation clinic together with local community associations.

In 2022, HCTCMS, together with Minister Anne Kang's constitutional office, hosted MD/TCM collaborated community medical service monthly health talk series. Each session featured presentation from either Western Medicine physicians or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to discuss wide range of health topics such as through the use of herbal formula or acupuncture to strengthen immune system, overview of sleep apnea and the available treatments, the provincial budget for investing on future health professions in BC, or understanding of indigenous strength-based medical health services. This event strengthens the HCTCMS effort to build a stronger community medical services in BC. 

Year 2023 marked several historical breakthroughs for HCTCMS. In January 2023, the organization and ATCMA participated the first ever invitation by the Vancouver Chinatown Lunar Year Festival parade organizer to a TCM organization. In June, the organization will be organizing US-Canada Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in the 3rd World TCM & Acupuncture Week, joined by the TCM experts from American Alliance of Acupuncture.